Phuc's Fond  builds houses and community  water systems for people in difficult areas

Updating Date: 30/06/2021 16:56:19

(QTO) - Phuc's Fond (Norway) has just held a groundbreaking ceremony to build a charity house,  drilled  well, and  community  water system for people in difficult areas in 2 districts of Huong Hoa and Dakrong.


Start of construction of community water system for people in Proi Xy village, A Doi commune, taken by Bich Lien. 


Specifically, the delegation started construction of a house for Mr. Ho Van Vua’s  family in A Rong hamlet, Krong Klang town, Dakrong district and Mr. Ho Van Chung's family in Proi Xy village, A Doi commune, Huong Hoa district. Each family is supported by Phuc's Fond with 68 million VND. These are poor households, living in unsettled houses but unable to build houses.


Also, on this occasion, Phuc's Fond started  construction of drilled wells and community  water systems for households in Xa Lang village, Dakrong commune; Dong Dong village, Mo O commune in Dakrong district and Proi Xy village, A Doi commune with a total budget of over 200 million VND.


The total supporting cost of construction of  houses, drilled  wells and community  water for households in difficult areas of Huong Hoa and Dakrong districts is 352 million VND.


Bich Lien

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