Relocating 28 households to destroy 3 bombs

Updating Date: 24/05/2021 08:03:45

(QTO) - Engineers force, Provincial Military Command has coordinated to organize Golden West - the United States to relocate and successfully handle 2 bombs in Ta Leng village, Cu Bai village, Huong Lap commune, Huong district. Chemistry.


The functional forces moved the bomb marked AN-65, weighing 1,000 pounds, safely in the stream bed - Photo: Xuan Dien

Previously, according to information provided by the people, functional forces discovered 2 bombs with the symbol MK82, weighing 500 pounds; 1 fruit is 7 m from a residential area, located in the middle of a residential area and 1 fruit is 1,500 m away from a residential area. This type of bomb has a detonator symbol MK346, which is a mechanical timer detonator, an anti-disassembly hanging detonator, extremely dangerous. In addition, about 500 m from the first bomb, there is a bomb marked AN-65, with an M103 fuse, weighing 1,000 pounds, 40 m from a house.

Before proceeding to deal with the bombs, the Provincial Military Command directed the relocation of 28 households in Cu Bai village to a safe place. Due to good preparation and coordination with the Golden West organization to use the most modern remote-controlled bomb cutting machine today, the engineering force has cut the detonator from the bomb and handled the detonator, then use the method of detonation of explosives for the MK82 bomb located 7 m away from the house; and move the AN-65 bomb to a safe place for disposal. Particularly, the MK82 bomb, 1,500 m away from a residential area, is currently being protected, and is expected to be detonated on the spot after May 23.

Tai Tuyen - Xuan Dien

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