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(QTO) - At the end of spring and early summer, when the sun shines over the mountains, rivers and streams, it is also the time when Karmai (mát fish) is in the breeding season. This is a specialty of the Dakrong rivers and lakes. (Mát) fish is not only clean, but the meat is also firm, delicious, and can process many special dishes. And because of that, (mát) fish with high prices, always hunted by gourmets


Grilled (mát) fish - Photo: D.T

Follow the (mát) fish as far as Acho

The upstream of the Dakrong lineage was called Acho by the Van Kieu people. Around March and April of the lunar calendar, this place becomes an ideal meeting place for (mát) fish hunting.

Mr. Ho Van Tien, from Huc Nghi village, Huc Nghi commune, Dakrong district, is considered one of the experienced people in hunting (mát) fish. He used to follow the clean fish, diving through almost all the streams and tributaries near home and away from home. Currently, in order to satisfy his passion, to live with his job, his life journey has to go deeper and deeper upstream.

Tien usually starts his hunt at the moment when the sun starts to fall, casting shadows on the other side of the mountain. Because he is far away, in addition to a decent tool bag with all kinds of fishing gears and bait, he also has an old Wave car as a companion. "Only its toughness and its ugliness can follow me to fight steep, rocky rocky roads when entering Acho", pointing to the old motorbike, Mr. Tien said.

It was almost 5 o'clock in the afternoon, steam blowing from the stream to cool, he began to compose his net hand. “Mát fish live in rock crevices, eating seaweed and moss,” he said.


Fish often radiate foraging when it comes to dawn or at night. In recent years, due to the pollution of the Dakrong river water, the cooler fish are much less, people often check electricity so the fish can not reproduce. Now only in this upstream area there are many (mát) fish ”.

If catching the eel, you have to use a hook, for (mát) fish, you will use the net, the 2.5 inch sharp nets because cool fish are small in size, the largest one is only 3-4 fingers. And to get good results, each of Mr. Tien's hunts usually started from dawn the previous afternoon and lasted until early morning of the next morning.

With the selling price of about 300,000 VND / kg for traders and restaurant owners, Mr. Tien rotates every month to do a few hunts, which is enough to make up for family life.

Cool and irresistible (mát) fish

Fish massages are not unfamiliar to those who regularly visit the mountainous villages in the western region of Quang Tri. (Mát) fish cooked in any dish is also delicious, from grilled to steamed onions, braised or cooked with sour soup, in which the most special is the (mát) fish dish, a dish that "causes love" because of many flavors special.

After catching, (mát) fish will be pecked to clean the intestines, thoroughly wash the outer layer of seaweed and fish gills, then use bamboo bars that have been chopped up, sharpened at one end to pierce the fish into strings, each thread. bet about 5-10 fish, then hang on the kitchen truss (sometimes when the sun is high, then dry in the sun). About a dozen days later, the hong fish on the stove to dry enough will be brought down and processed into cheo. The rice dish of the Pa Ko and Van Kieu people, when looking at almost like a cotton soup made from the pork of the Kinh people, but when eaten, you will feel the difference. It is not as chewy as cotton but has a darker sweetness than cotton balls. For those who know how to process, the (mát) fish cheo dish will be modified to taste richer and easier to eat. Kon Gioi is a skillful chef, the fish that I ate that day has both the sweet taste of fish meat, the aroma of wild pepper and the pungent taste of a little salt pounded with galangal, dried chili.

In Quang Tri, the Van Kieu and Pa Ko people often eat (mát) fish with sticky sticky rice. And of course, this is also a delicious dish that is rarely lacking on the table when serving guests. Every spinach is dotted with a little (mát) fish, fat sticky sticky rice, juggling with sweet, spicy fish meat ... Diners go on ecstatic love in the forest, miss the mountain, want more times More are back to Acho.

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