Delicious dishes from sardines

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(QTO) - Every year at the end of February and the beginning of March of lunar calendar, herds of sardines swim back from the sea. The fishermen's sardines fishing season also begins at that time. Sardines not only bring income to the people, sardines are also the joy of mothers, mothers always have fresh and delicious fish, soft meat in the morning and afternoon to the market. Yes, filled with country soul ...


Sardines can process many delicious dishes - Photo: H.T

Sardines are fish that live in estuarine seas and brackish waters, but in the spring they go back to several rivers to spawn and breed. The deeper the sardines on the mainland, the more they absorb the alluvium, the meat is more fragrant and sweet than the fish in the sea. Sardines are shaped like sea herring, white and small scales, shiny, and greasy skin. Although the fish has many small bones, the flesh and bones are soft and easy to eat.

To have an unforgettable sardines meal, the preparation is quite elaborate. Because the sardines do not peck along the abdomen like other fish, but after beating the fish scales, just cut a small slice of the bottom of the gills, then take the bile, intestines and groove small lines around the ribs of the fish and then wash in. The rice water is thick, then let the fish drain. The fish is not big but must do many steps and must be very skillful so that the honey does not break, the eggs are intact, the fish body is clean. Sardines are delicious dishes, but there is one dish that many people use to treat you to visit, which is grilled sardines. After half an hour of marinating sturgeon with ginger, crushed turmeric, use a fresh bamboo stick across the body of the fish and bake it on the charcoal stove. Grilled fish is fragrant, then remove from the bamboo stick and place in a frying pan covered with fat. In particular, the fat used to fry fish must be lard, not vegetable oil, the aroma of the fish accompanied by the crackling sound of the charcoal stove makes everyone feel attractive and grumbling. After being fried, the sardines must be eaten hot to retain their flavor, accompanied by a plate of herbs and a cup of lemon and chili fish sauce.

The sardines in the right season are often eaten fresh and fragrant, and the eggs are even more delicious because they taste delicious. In the last days of spring, dishes made from sardines are indispensable in family meals. Sardines are not only delicious dishes that many people love, but also a dish rich in the flavor of the homeland, making anyone far away from home until spring day looking forward to find out.


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