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(QTO) - To reach Ba Voi waterfall, from Da Sit village, in Van Kieu called Ta Cu village in Huong Hiep commune, DaKrong district, must go to the west. The path going up the Giang Thoan stream is also the path for the people to go on the fields, joining in this road, sometimes only soldiers looking for comrades and villagers searching for scrap materials.


Ba Voi Waterfall- Photo: ST


Order from low to high is the lowest floor of Ba Voi waterfall, over a period of perhaps a thousand years ago, the stream of water poured down restlessly, forming a lake right at the foot of the waterfall. The water here is clear and cool, even though it is hot in summer. Around the waterfall is a precarious cliff with mossy carpets that are tinged with time, sometimes a few petals appear shy from the rock. In the afternoon, everyone returned to the camp so the next day they continued to climb to the 2nd and 3rd floors of Ba Voi waterfall.

The second floor of Ba Voi waterfall is shorter than the third one, there is also a lake at the foot of the waterfall, but smaller, meaning that the water will stay where it is not long before it falls to the third waterfall below. Standing at the foot of the second waterfall means that the top of the third waterfall feels very unstable. The water flow not only erodes large rocks like houses, but also creates deep caves, bizarre shapes and traps-filled paths, because the path is mossy so it is easy to slip if not. careful.

True to the name of Ba Voi waterfall The third floor of the waterfall has three streams of water from a height of hundreds of meters falling white to clear the cliffs, the sound of water rumbling and roaring for kilometers away and with the sound of rustling leaves, the sound of the holy forest birds have created. so a natural song with lots of levels.

Although water currents with the power to erode mountain rocks, but also miraculously, somehow fragile plants still cling to the cliffs to depend on the water. Without just a few single grass stumps, right behind the waterfall is a whole lawn like a hidden curtain. Looking at the carpet is so gentle, we still think, perhaps this grass all lives with water, there is no shortage of water, so we will never know the feeling of being drought, being scorched by the summer sun. burned to martial gold, fiber.

 The lake at the foot of the waterfall is not deep but quite large, around the foot of the waterfall are rocks that have been overlapping by time and rain and wind. The vegetation here is mainly soft-bodied wildflowers growing on cliffs, it is said that this flower is still blooming regularly throughout the four seasons.



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