Lettuce Gio An (Finished Salad)

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(QTO) - Called "Rau Liet Gio An" is because vegetables are grown in Gio An commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province. Come to Gio An, remember to try this vegetable dish. This vegetable is very "precious" because it is grown and nurtured from ancient well water for thousands of years old.


Quang Tri specialties - Gimatic vegetableso An aro


With this vegetable, Gio An people have devised many delicious ways to cook such as: cooking soup with fresh shrimp, boiling fish sauce or mixing with beef.


Often times the salad is finished mixed with beef is preferred. The rich marinated beef is stir-fried with scallions to the fire, creating a seductive scent. Sweet and sour mixed water. Hard-boiled eggs to bring sliced.


When you eat, you just need to arrange the vegetables on a plate, add a bit of beef, sprinkle a few slices of eggs and mix with water so you can enjoy this nutritious, exotic dish.


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